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An Interview with a hand-lettering artist

” Fear is interesting. Fear can be a hinderance to you or a tool used to do your best work.”


I was recently approached to be in an interview for the Creative Unconscious. Creative unconscious, also known as active imagination, is a Jungian theory pertaining to opening up a dialogue with your unconscious in order to trigger a shift in how the conscious and unconscious minds work together.

The Creative Unconscious seemed like a fitting name for this project which aims to gain insight into the sometimes invisible or un-thought-of processes of creative peoples while unearthing if it is, in fact, possible to remain a creative individual while pursuing a career as a creative professional.

Read the full interview here: www.thecreativeunconscious.com/interviews/2015/8/28/jordan-stambaugh

Author Jordan Stambaugh

Jordan is a hand-lettering artist & designer from the Pacific Northwest. He founded Stambaugh Designs, Antigravity Graphics and The Travelers Collective. Jordan loves typography, photography, web design and exploring mountainous regions.

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