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In honor of Jordan and Stambaugh Designs taking a trip to Iceland, I thought it appropriate to dedicate my first Antigravity post to the inspirations of travel. And I certainly can’t wait to see pictures from the land of Ice and Fire, to live vicariously through the adventures he and his group will have.

I have traveled my entire life. Primarily because of the sports in which I was involved, but my family also took trips together, and groups of friends would get together to adventure. I didn’t realize how strongly wanderlust would strike me until I studied abroad. For four months I painted, drew, ate, and drank in Italy, took trips all over western Europe, and made a few lifelong friends. I was living in the art mecca of the world. I was inspired just by breathing the Florentine air! As da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bernini, and Caravaggio did hundreds of years before me! Florence was my first truly artistic muse and I can still dredge up that fire today.

In the 5 years since, I’ve not lost my wanderlust; it has instead grown stronger. I draw inspiration from new, fresh experiences, and I simply can’t get enough of them. My life is richer when I’m meeting new people, exploring new cultures, trying new foods, and witnessing new sunsets.

I strive to explore everyday, in some way or another, and when I can’t travel anywhere on my list of exotic places I revisit my old memories, and my favorite place on earth. The city that stole my heart and keeps me longing for adventure.

Purple Tuscan hills

Purple Tuscan hills | Photo by Lauren Nielsen


Firenze at night

Firenze at night | Photo by Lauren Nielsen

Fiume Arno

Fiume Arno | Photo by Lauren Nielsen

Il Duomo

Il Duomo | Photo by Lauren Nielsen